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TOPIC: Filterbank 2 and using it through a mixing desk

Filterbank 2 and using it through a mixing desk 10 years 1 month ago #7

  • JakeCusack
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I recently purchased a Sherman Filter bank and i wanted to hook it up to my Yamaha N12 Mixing desk, and through Cubase 6.5, i can use it perfectly on my keyboards and analogue synths but i just can't get it to work through a audio channel on the desk and through Cubase i have an insert cable 1/4 in TRS to Dual 1/4 in TS which i connect the send into the signal in on the sherman filterbank and the return on the main out which then goes to the insert into channel 1 (for example) using the DAW i can not get to manipulate the sound or use the sherman filterbank, has any one got any ideas what i am doing wrong? all i would like to do is to filter a channel on my desk with the filter bank but what ever i try i can just not get it to work? i have been through the manual back to front and i can get it to work on everything apart from through a mixing desk, i use cubase 6 and a yamaha n12

any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated

all the best

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Re: Filterbank 2 and using it through a mixing desk 9 years 10 months ago #8

  • Power Wizard
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Hi, the problem here is that you are taking the signal from the filterbank to the insert on the mixer and it should go to the return on the mixer. In conclusion the signal comes from the mixer as a single cable(mono) then from the filterbank take both output cacbles to the two return sockets on the mixer. Inserts are great for things like compressors but the filterbank and other effects units should be used with the send/return facility on the mixer.
Good luck !

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Filterbank 2 and using it through a mixing desk 8 years 11 months ago #682

  • herman
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TRS 1/4 balanced cables will not work, because the Fb uses Unbalanced jack I/O's

Use Unbalanced jack's to connect the FB.
It might 'look like' Out1 can feed a 1/4 TRS balanced jack, but that is because Out1 is desiged to 'remove*' Filter1
from main out when a mono(!) jack is plugged there. (*Parallel modus) So on the jack ring contact the 'pre-VCA filter1 signal' is present, but it is not intended to get out of the box, it is intended to be shorted internally to ground with a Mono jack is plugged in Out1
Off coase there can be creative applications to use that signal externally anyway, especially in modular setup.

Inserting the FB directly after any synth works very well.

If the desk is an audio I/O interface as well, it must be possible to send audio from Cubase to the FB and re-record it.
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